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Why Your Sales Pipeline Is All Stopped-Up!

Why aren't leads converting?  For most businesses, we know where the problem lies: a leaky sales funnel.

A leaky sales funnel is a huge stumbling block to increasing revenue and improving your bottom line. For this reason, every business must discover a way to reduce or stop leaks in their sales funnels.


In this video, we will present strategies and insights to improving your sales pipeline that will lead to increase sales.


You Have Leads, Now What?

Leads are great, sales are better. One of the biggest challenges facing marketers every day is how to convert leads into sales.

We believe that companies need to let go of the “traditional digital marketing” approach and adopt a more modern strategy for digital B2B marketing. This strategy should help you fix any marketing funnel leakage (leads that fall through the cracks) and increase the number of closed sales.

MARCH 2022

The Latest in B2B Marketing and Sales for Healthcare and BioTech Companies

Greenrope Marketing Madness Webinar Series

Sales: The Process That Works Post-COVID-19

Having trouble converting leads into sales? Or simply wish you were selling more? It could be a result of today's savvy consumers, but just as likely, it’s the fact that you don't have a sales process. As the modern consumer has learned how to block out sales, new sales training and techniques have emerged.


The good news is, we can help create the salespeople of today, and tomorrow. Better sales figures begin with better salespeople.

Join us for a quality webinar about various marketing and sales strategies in this monthly presentation and discussion from seasoned marketing experts, Chris d’Eon and Randy Gerson.

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Reputation in a Time of Change

Learn from one of the leaders in reputation management, Tracy Benelli.  Tracy has years of experience working at C-level positions in companies like Dell, Hewlett Packard, Citrix, Intuit and more. 

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